October 10, 2020

On October 10, 2020, Oak Park Brewing Co. released the 50th Anniversary Edition of Peoples Beer to commemorate the day Mr. Theodore Mack Sr. opened the first Black-owned brewery in America. Oak Park Brewing Co. hosted a celebration of Black-owned businesses with vendors, artists, and nonprofits coming out to connect with the community.

Mr. Mack was a civil rights giant who stood for economic empowerment and racial equity. His historic achievements helped pave the way for future minority business owners. The revival of Peoples Beer is particularly important today as it gives hope to the community for what is possible. Mr. Mack II participated in the celebration to tell the story of Peoples Beer and provide inspiration and encouragement to the businesses involved.

An important part of the celebration was the online streaming so people who were dining on the patio or watching from home could connect with the businesses involved and be part of the festivities. Ryan Newman hosted the livestream every hour on the hour throughout the day, and We Are Sacramento and Wake Up 916 took photos and video of each business to provide them with promotional materials they can use after the celebration.

The support for Black-owned businesses reached outside of Sacramento as well with the online portion. OPB incorporated a livestream segment to highlight podcasts and businesses who have connected with the Peoples Beer story all around the US. These businesses joined the OPB livestream to talk about their business and what the revival of Peoples Beer means to them. Power to the people!

The Peoples Beer